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2011 Hood-Rat Trends

Almost three months into the year and lucky for ALL YOU LITTLE HOOD-RATS only a few new trends have come into play so far.

  • Chest Tattoos - No more will you have to worry if your "DIAMOND" tattoo can be seen. Or if people will know that you're a "BARBIE". Chest Tattoos will make it clear for all the lames out there.

  • Multi-Colored Weave - Now this one has ALWAYS been popular. So lucky for you, you don't have to throw those coupons away for that pink & purple 10" mink yaki!

  • Lacefronts - These WILDLY became popular after celeb hair secrets got revealed. Now a lacefront back in the day used to run like $500 - $2000. Finding one for $300 was considered a STEAL! Now you can get one of these bad boys for the low low price of $9.99, if you go to the right place. Not only has the price and quality decreased on the wigs but now, you can get them with BABY HAIR! And we all know that as grown ass women, nothing is sexier than having some baby hair!

  • Pajamas in Public - Yes you woke up at 6:00am to get your kids off to school and do work around the house, chill with friends, buy Four Lockos at the corner store, stop by your local beauty supply. But who says you cant do it all in your pajamas and bed slippers? GURRRRRRL talk about comfy chic! To perfect this look, stay looking like you just woke up. So DON'T SHOWER, DON'T BRUSH YOUR TEETH, DON'T WASH YOUR FACE (cant mess up the lashes), AND KEEP YOUR SLEEP CAP ON!

  • Sagging - Men, please don't think I've forgotten about you. Sagging is STILL quite popular these days. The best way to pull off this look though, is to DROP YOUR PANTS TO YOUR KNEES(pants must be 2 x larger), WEAR A BELT, AND THEN HOLD THE FRONT OF THE PANTS UP WITH THE HAND YOU HAVE FREE.

  • The Nicki - This one I think is my favorite. Because who DOESN'T want to look & act like somebody else instead of just being themselves? This Trend has taken the world by STORM! 

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